2 Men Arrested for Rape of 5 yr Old Girl

Two male suspects have now been arrested in India in connection with the kidnapping and horrific rape of a five-year-old girl in New Delhi.

The first suspect Manoj Kumar gave the name of the second suspect Pradeep to the police, and he was apprehended in Barahiya villa last night.

On April 15, the five-year-old child was abducted and  brutally raped over a period of two days before being rescued by a neighbour who heard her screams.

Manoj informed the police that Pradeep demanded that the girl brought to the house. She was then lured to the premises using chocolate.


Doctors tending to the girl stated that her condition is improving, but she is still in  bad condition. There have been widespread protests following the incident with claims that the police are slow to conclude their investigations.

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