15-yr-old boy arrested for rape of a 64-yr-old woman

Sacramento rape, 15 yr old rape

(Sketch of the teen wanted in connection to a rape in south Sacramento)

Months after a woman in her 60s was attacked and raped, a 15 years old suspect has finally been apprehended.

The gruesome crime was committed in early February and Sacramento sheriff’s detectives finally made a connection to the teenager via evidence at the scene .

“My mom and our family is very lucky that he didn’t kill her,” said the victim’s son.

His 64-year-old mother always believed she was safe in the confines of her own home prior to the brutal attack.

“She don’t enjoy life no more, and she has flashbacks all the time, and she just don’t feel safe anymore,” the son said.


The victim reported being choked, thrown by her hair and beaten.

The officers who arrested the suspected attacker on Wednesday are all stunned the attacker is of such tender age.

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