Jamaican artists, beautiful drawings

My name is Larnelle Francois Chambers, I am 18 years old and I was born into a family of strict, traditional, protestant intellectuals in St. Mary, Jamaica. That engendered certain expectations of me. I was raised on books and our filial doctrine that education was the only way to success.

Over and over again the phrase, “nothing is impossible” was drummed into my consciousness. Perhaps everyone knows this famous statement, but not everyone believes it to be true. I never thought I could do the “impossible” but such things unfailingly happen in a lifetime that one can never outrun them. Now that I have decided to confront impossibility, I have discovered my passion.

My special interest in computers and fine art coupled with influences from the world around me turned into the decision to pursue a career in the field of art, animation and video-graphy. Recently I have paid more attention to learning fine art by studying under the masters that reside in my country as well as gaining academic knowledge. This along with logic and my independent way of thinking will prove to be added advantages for my future study process.

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