Janice Linton otherwise called “Mama Tete”, a mother of three children from Baker Hill has become another tragic victim of murder.

She was stabbed to death in  Hope Bay, Portland yesterday morning.

According to reports by the Gleaner:

The woman, was allegedly stabbed to death by her common-law husband who was later taken into custody after fleeing the crime scene.

Janice Linton stabbed murdered Barker Hill Portland Jamaica The incident took place shortly after 10 o’ clock during a dispute between the two.

Following the fatal stabbing a large crowd gathered at the scene as the police were summoned to the area.

The woman’s body was discovered at her house with multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.

Linton’s attacker is reported to have called her family members informing them of the act.

A man and a woman are also in custody in connection with the death of a German woman identified as 48-years-old Ute Sobtaier.

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