Jamaica’s elite songstress Tessanne Chin, winner of The Voice, performed “Tumbling Down,” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

The song, written by Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella, is meant to be an “anti-coronation” song.  Ryan minced no words in an interview with  Yahoo Music  when he said that coronation songs “suck.”

“‘This is my moment! Now I’m here!’ Who actually sits around listening to that stuff? I can’t name one [song like that] that’s actually connected,” Ryan said.

Tessanne thanked Ryan for “…not writing some trying-to-be-inspirational, standing-on-a-mountain song.” She told Ryan that she was “so scared” he was going to do an inspirational song and that she was “going to hate it.”

Tessanne Chin performs on Jay Leno

“But this is just a great song, Ryan declared, “It’s about love and heartbreak and staying together through hard times. And she was like, ‘I actually relate to it.’ And hopefully America will, too.”

Big swooping choruses and dumb lyrics are the hallmarks of a coronation song. I’d say “Tumbling Down” passes that test. But watch and decide for yourself!

Congrats to Tessanne again on her victory!

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