As Jamaica’s spree of murders continues to soar, there has been another gruesome double murder.

According to a news report from Irie FM, police have begun investigating the circumstances in which a woman and her son were found dead at a National Water Commission Pumping Station in Sign, St. James today.

The deceased have been identified as 20-year-old Melissa Evans and her 4-month-old son Jelanie Greene both of Dumfries, St. James.

woman and son killed in St James montego bayThe bodies were found by the police who reportedly received an anonymous phone call.

The police found the body of the 20-year-old woman with her throat slashed and her son’s body was found stuffed inside a manhole.

According to reports, Evans went to purchase ice-cream on December 26, 2013, and she was not heard or seen from since.

A missing person’s report was then made to the police yesterday. Investigators found the bodies at 1:30 pm on Saturday (Dec 28).

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