Several persons sustained injuries during a Carnival Road March over the weekend. The injuries resulted from a  hostile clash between homosexuals and other patrons participating in the march.

The battle ensued all the way from West King’s House Road to Constant Spring Road in St Andrew. The men were seen gyrating on each other in full view of the public.

gay men stoned

Several people attending the road march were forced to flee after individuals became enraged by the actions of the men. As  more people objected to the men gyrating on each other, a missile-throwing barrage  consisting of stones, bottles and other projectiles commenced. 

A female bystander had to be taken to hospital after she was hit in the face by a projectile. The battle lasted for about 30 minutes as the alleged gay men were not phased by the attacks.

Things got worse when the alleged gay men threatened to start throwing acid forcing the police officers on duty to call for reinforcement. The gay men scampered onto Eastwood Park Road following the sound of loud explosions promising to return.

Fortunately the incident did not cause a major disruption in the carnival celebration.

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